Would you be able to access at any time and everywhere to data you need?

Would you browse and sign company documents whenever you want?

Would you safely share them with your team, customers and partners?


Browse the company archives and access to all documents at any time and everywhere.

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Share digitally your documents and take part in the meetings whenever you want.

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Approve, reject or sign your documents simply tapping the screen.

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Our products can change your company

Digital Workplace

The Access to the company archives becomes a shared space where people, customers and partners can collaborate all together.

Unified Access

Just one user friendly front-end to browse your documents and manage any approval process on any device.


Increase efficiency of B2B, B2E, B2C transactions, integrating company’s systems.

Digital collaboration

Deliver meeting documents securely to all participants giving them the opportunity to browse and write annotations before it begins.

Cloud or On-Premise Solutions

The Cloud Model makes easier to manage infrastructures and costs reduction. On-Premise Solution for who prefer to manage systems and contents.


The most advanced technologies used for access control guarantees high security standards without settling for compromises.

Digital negotiation

Allow your partners and providers to sign through electronic signature: no more hard copies or emails.

Electronic signature

Don’t need to print out anymore to sign. Our solutions use CA signature’s technologies, compliant with eIDAS Regulation (EU) 910/2014.


Smart and wearable devices could get company digital workplace even more efficient enhancing users’ experience.

About us

LegalCert Book has changed our company’s life. Now everything is digital and automatic. We are totally satisfied, starting from the costs, the improvement, as well as the real benefits. If I have to choose between saving money or update by simplifying inner processes, the second one would definitely win: LegalCert Book is very user-friendly and it has quickened the whole inner approval processes. - Daniela Pivato, Direttore IT & Operation WeBank
Since the first time, my experience with Eco-Mind was completely positive: empathetic methods and great clarity in proposing Meeting Book...a real “suited dress with high fashion details”. Professional approach and good relational skills, starting from the top Management, have characterized our encounters until the first challenging “paperless” Board of Directors just after a couple of weeks of trail. Everything went excellent, without hitches!- Alessandra Banfi, Direttore ICT Pirelli

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