Why choose us

Eco-Mind is a group made up of experts in the field of IT, with several years of experience on Digital Transformation. Over the years, we created and promoted some business solutions helping people work in a simple and more efficient way.

Our mission? Eco-Mind sums it up: create innovative tools, affordable and eco-friendly simplifying making-decision processes.

Since 2009 Eco-Mind makes solutions for the “digital workplace” that allow greater flexibility in the workplace, promoting productivity and reducing stress being more operational taking decisions safely.
Eco-mind is a qualified speaker for all of the companies that have to implement innovative smart working models, a research and development partner to achieve Cloud solutions.

Located in Torino and Rende its strength is the heterogeneity of the people who work there, which is guarantee of quality and customer satisfaction.

Who turns ideas into products

Massimo Banino

Chief Executive Officer

Francesco Vadicamo

Chief Technology Officer

Roberto Serangeli

Account Manager

Alessandra Peddis

Administration Officer

Lorenzo Gallucci

Technical Leader

Lorenzo Denami

QA Manager

Antonio Locane

Delivery Manager

Andrea Grande

Delivery Manager

Emanuele Forlano

Delivery Manager

Antonio Serricchio

Senior Software Architect

Andrea Terlizzi

Senior Software Architect

Antonella Dimasi

Senior Back-end Developer

Francesco Sinopoli

Principal Mobile Architect

Francesco Scalise

Senior Mobile Developer

Francesco Frascà

Senior Mobile Developer

Francesco Gatto

Senior Mobile Developer

Giuseppe Vacatello

Senior Mobile Developer

Eugenio Rende

Mobile Developer

Francesco Cosco

Junior Mobile Developer

Filippo Montalto

Senior Full-stack Developer

Emanuele Cirino

Senior Full-stack Developer

Domenico Violi

Junior Front-end Developer

Bruno Bottazzini

Senior Full-stack Developer

Valerio Ferrero

Senior Full-stack Developer

Andrea Imbrogno

Senior Back-end Developer

Eleonora Lo Giudice

Senior Back-end Developer

Matteo Bianchi

Back-end Developer

Alberto Mantegazza

Senior IT Operations Specialist

Antonio Fragola

IT Operations Specialist

Denise Mileto

QA Engineer

Leonardo Risuleo

Principal UI/UX Designer

About us

LegalCert Book has changed our company’s life. Now everything is digital and automatic. We are totally satisfied, starting from the costs, the improvement, as well as the real benefits. If I have to choose between saving money or update by simplifying inner processes, the second one would definitely win: LegalCert Book is very user-friendly and it has quickened the whole inner approval processes.- Daniela Pivato, Direttore IT & Operation WeBank
Since the first time, my experience with Eco-Mind was completely positive: empathetic methods and great clarity in proposing Meeting Book...a real “suited dress with high fashion details”. Professional approach and good relational skills, starting from the top Management, have characterized our encounters until the first challenging “paperless” Board of Directors just after a couple of weeks of trail. Everything went excellent, without hitches!- Alessandra Banfi, Direttore ICT Pirelli

Who choose our products